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Warehousing is an important part of your business if you manufacture, import, export or transport products, supplies, or cargoes. Access to warehousing has benefits that can help your bottom line and increase efficiency.

Since you have greater control over your inventory, you are able to fill orders and get the goods to your customers faster and more reliably. This goes directly to increasing your profits through repeat orders, new orders, and an overall consistent flow of business.

CUBE Business Solutions

Warehousing Facilities

CUBE Biz Solutions Offers Complete Warehousing Facilities.

We provide you with ample warehousing space and storage. We can provide flexibility to allow for seasonal, temporary, and varying storage needs. Our goal is to allow you, our customer, to manage your inventory, fulfill product orders, and more easily move goods promptly and as needed. We continuously monitor how long certain products have been in the warehouse. If there is no longer a use for the product or they have become obsolete, we sustainably dispose of these assets. We manage all your requirements and as we are committed to being a “green” company, we recycle items and components that can be used again.

CUBE Business Solutions

Inventory Management

We often find customers want to store inventory off site from their facility, so they have a more centralized and convenient location. Some customers simply cannot store their goods at their own facility. Our warehouse facilities can meet these needs and more. We stock and manage your inventory, so you don’t have to. Our streamlined processes and use of the latest technologies enable us to monitor inventory and keep you posted so you know what you have on hand.

With our warehouse, you can:

  • store your product so you can manage your inventory more efficiently
  • fill orders and ship/distribute competently.
  • track stock so you are aware if something is out of stock or running low
  • provide your clients with alternatives if a product is out of stock

Good inventory management results in cost savings to you through product consolidation, reduction of excess inventory, and decreased labor costs.

It also increases revenue through, among other things, better customer service. Customers who receive their orders on time and do not have to wait because something is out of stock equal happy customers who will buy again and again.

CUBE Business Solutions

Increased Productivity

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As we all know, productivity is a reflection of how well a business is organized to convert their input such as labor, materials, and capital into goods and services. At the end of the day, if you want to increase productivity, you must work smarter.

Utilizing warehousing with CUBE Business Solutions is a smart way to run your distribution and order fulfillment. With a solid handle on your inventory and great customer service, you are more likely to reach sales goals.

When your company is thriving and highly productive, the success is felt throughout the company from employees to managers. Positive productivity boosts company pride and motivates everyone to continue to do well.

We look forward to providing you with top-of-the-line warehousing services. CUBE Business Solutions, located in Birmingham, AL, serves clients in the Southeast region.

CUBE Business Solutions

Ready to get Started?

Call CUBE Business Solutions at (205) 433-9227 & we will be happy to provide you with more information on our warehousing services. In addition to Warehousing, we offer Trucking Services and Supply Chain Support as well as Commercial Cleaning.